For almost two decades, Bridgepoint has been providing consulting services to a range of organizations, and at the heart of its consulting practice is the understanding that people don’t buy what you do but rather why you do it. Bridging the “why” between clients and their customers has been the cornerstone of our offerings.

Bridgepoint typically focuses in areas that are not the core competency of clients, such as dealing with new stakeholders or in manners on new issues or new markets and offerings. It’s not just that we understand those issues, but that we strive to drive thought leadership around them. While we enjoy bolting ourselves onto existing organizational teams, we can work in many commercial ways that fit our clients’ budgets and processes. Quiet simply, we provide high level consulting services in the following areas:

Sustainability Consulting

- It’s about achieving a process that improves your carbon footprint while growing your customer’s satisfaction and stickiness.

- We can create or review Community Energy Plans, Energy Management Plans, and Sustainability Plans.

Strategic Business Planning

Bridgepoint has tremendous experience in strategy development and execution in small and large organizations, and there is an appreciation of the change management involved along the way.

Quite often, this entails: Market Research; Market Sizing and Testing; Competitive Intelligence; Value Proposition; and Marketing Plans.

Sales Planning & Execution

Bridgepoint has experience developing market opportunities for customers in the areas of: sustainability; energy generation; energy efficiency and cleantech. Thus, clients use Bridgepoint to assist in the strategy, messaging and execution in selling to new customers.

Stakeholder Management & Communications

Bridgepoint Group works closely with clients to identify, plan and execute successful communications strategies that target the right message to the right people at the right time.

We provide a focused set of services for clients, including:

  • Government relations
  • Research-based communication strategies (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Stakeholder management
  • Development of communications materials
  • Public relations
  • Media relations
  • Event planning and management
  • Speech writing


Bridgepoint has created its own content and distribution platforms for the dissemination and promotion of its investees and clients

Bridgepoint can create a curated program to promote.



Bridgepoint enables you to fill gaps in your C-level or Board to manage through growth.

With experience in managing private investments in professional services, design build, generation, clean tech, HVAC and controls sectors, Bridgepoint will fill your void in order to find new strategic opportunities, source equity and/or debt, and divest.

Project Finance

Bridgepoint focuses on protecting and maximizing enterprise value while sourcing equity.


  • Development Equity
  • Strategic Equity
  • Engineering consultants; environmental consultants; real estate brokers; financial partners; constructors; and other specialized consultants as needed
  • Construction and Equipment Finance

Mergers & Acquisitions

Bridgepoint Group provides buy M&A support services to generate growth opportunities for clients:

  • Identifying market opportunities through quantitative and qualitative research within the public and private public sectors in our market segments

Develop a tailored acquisition strategy by:

  • Developing goals and screening criteria to identify preferred targets (financial and/or others)
  • Shortlist qualified targets based on the established criteria
  • Developing an acquisition process

Execute the acquisition process by:

  • Assisting with bid submission documentation preparation (letters of intent, letters of interest, etc)
  • Initiating discussions with targets
  • Gathering competitive intelligence
  • Providing assistance in seeking competitive sources of financing
  • Managing all aspects of the established process (legal, financial, etc)
  • Providing assistance in negotiations
  • Following through up until financial close
  • Provide pre and post close support to meet some regulatory requirements


Bridgepoint is actively directly or through its shareholder through several investment platforms to support early stage clean tech companies and development stage clean and green power projects.

Bridgepoint provides a value proposition to investees of being nonthreatening ad enabling capital vs alternatives.

Bridgepoint utilizes its expertise in de-risking projects and origination to move companies and projects forward.


Bridgepoint assists with the development of both greenfield and brownfield energy and infrastructure projects. With experiences in overseeing design build thermal energy projects and reviewing and working with elading edge technologies, Bridgepoint assists a team maximize value and minimize dilution.

Our Project Development Services include:

  • Risk Management

Planning for, establishing and project managing a consortium of experts that fit clients’ needs including:

  • Engineering consultants; environmental consultants; real estate brokers; financial partners; constructors; and other specialized consultants as needed
  • Site selection
  • Securing Permits
  • Securing PPA’s and other required contracts


Energy costs and price of carbon are all going up, and it’s important for clients to make decisions that enable the right choices at the right time. While numerous game-changing clean technologies exist, understanding their limitations in going to market and understanding their weaknesses and strengths from an investor perspective will allow you to pick the ones that will make it.